Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resolution #2: Renovate!

Changing your surroundings and moving into a $7,000 house may not be feasible at this point in the year. Maybe you already have a house, but its uninspired furnishings and odious walls make you want to pull your hair out. It might be time for a renovation! Just call on the trusty Family Circle for a few ideas from their 'Mild Makeovers: Home Edition' section!

First up is the model kitchen. Sue Shumeyko (pictured) had her cabinets, countertops, and appliances outfitted with a stylish combination of birch and copper-finish. Not only does it look a dream, but it also has the latest gadgets: can you believe this state-of-the-art kitchen has an undercounter dishwasher and a two-door refrigerator!? As you can see, these new conveniences allow for a lot more in the way of free time and counterspace. Here Sue is exploring her other love, flower arranging! While Sue is cutting flower stems, Sue's exuberant husband, Ted, tests the temperature of Junior's dinner on his wrist (bottom left). We also catch a glimpse of their shiny new wall oven unit!

In 'The house of many ideas' by Evan Frances (Family Circle, January 1956) we are treated to a smorgasbord of sheer speculation. From the copy: 'Here's what happened to a termite-ridden old house when its owners put their dreams into the hands of a sound architect.' Does the phrase 'termite-ridden old house' describe your current living situation too aptly? If so, you'll want to pay particular attention to this article welcoming us into the (frankly.. a little bohemian) Schrieber's hot new digs.

Some before and after shots. Below, a daybed, a hi-fi, and a Hollywood hunk poster? I think a teen-ager lives in that room!

I'm sure you'll agree that there's a lot of room for improvement in your life, and Curly Wurly is devoted to showing you how to fancify every aspect of your existence! Our resolution series will soon be addressing topics such as eating better than ever in the new year and how to become the life of the party!


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