Thursday, January 22, 2009

Resolution #3: Eat Well On A Budget

The introduction to Grace White's One-dish meals to pamper your pocketbook says it all: 'happy solution[s] to that old bogy meal-fixing--for where can you find a bigger bargain in easy serving, good eating, fast cleanup?' This Family Circle article is appropriate for all your resolutions, including thriftier living, simplification, more wholesome dining, and, most definitely, waist watching!

When you're short on time, just boil it! The New-style Boiled Dinner is ideally paired with lots of red beets. Don't be skimpy on the red beets (my mantra)! You can also make the Double-treat Lamb Stew in just one pot! It's just-right for men, and it practically makes itself! Just add Pep!

Noodles Milanese (aka lasagna) is great with Bananas Jubilee! Try the Creole Pork Chops or the... Polenta. The polenta may be easy-put-together and easier-on-the-budget, but it is anything but easy-on-the-eyes!

Travel to exotic locales in 2009 without leaving your zip code or spending a fortune on plane tickets with these authentic Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Germanic staples! Give the Chow Mein Bowl a whirl for Chinese New Year, or maybe the Near East Casserole is more your speed. All it requires is budget-priced lamb (does that even exist, and is it actually lamb?) and eggplant! And what's the first Middle Eastern dessert you can think of? Why, Apricot Shortcake, of course! For a European touch, indulge with the bargain Chicken Strogonoff and some Cheese 'n' Crackers!

When your dining budget is dwindling at the end of the month, it's time to pull out the comfort food menus, including Winter's Best Soup (aka Marrow Ball Soup), Wiener Salad Bake, and Supper Sandwich!

If you follow these menu suggestions, you'll have more time, more money, less frustration, and another figure altogether by the end of 2009!


Lidian said...

I like dishes that practically make themselves! Then I can sit back and read a magazine. And cheer them on (that would be the Pep - as in pep talk: come on, get in the pan, you can do it! etc)