Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Treats

Many years before Nestlé started cranking out bars of Baby Ruth and Butterfinger, the Curtiss Candy Company made a name for these icons of American confectionery. The Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago was founded in 1916 by Otto Schnering. Their first confection was called a Kandy Kake (not to be confused with the Tastykake Kandy Kake), which later became the famed Baby Ruth. Apparently the original Kandy Kake had more of a pastry center enrobed in chocolate and topped with peanuts. When the bar was rebranded as the Baby Ruth in 1921, it was also reformulated; the pastry center was replaced by a bar made of caramel and peanuts. The Baby Ruth has been a popular Halloween staple ever since.

In small print, this Curtiss ad lists some of their other products, including Coconut Grove, Caramel Nougat Dip, SafTPops, Fruit Drops, and Mints.

Julie Newmar and Bozo the Clown for Tootsie Roll, America's favorite chocolaty, chewy roll! This advertisement also shows a set of Tootsie Pops from a simpler time: a time before kids started questioning the quantity of pop around the Tootsie center. Tootsie Roll Industries is another Chicago-based candy company.

These two Halloween candy advertisements date from October 1955.


~~louise~~ said...

Good morning Maria,
Your sense of humor reminds me of another blog I visit on a regular basis. Kitchen Retro. I really think you two are on the same humorous wave length. Thanks for another morning "Chuckle". (which of course was another fave halloween candy)

~~louise~~ said...

P.S. I tried to email you back but couldn't find your email address anywhere on your site (could be I didn't get enough Java in me yet this AM) Your email comes up noreply.

Maria said...

Hi there, Louise!

Thank you again for reading! I'll have to check out Kitchen Retro.. it sounds like it'd be right up my alley! I remember Chuckles! I wonder if they're still made.. and I could have sworn I had an advertisement for them, too!

Sorry about the email! I recently removed it from this site but didn't think anyone would notice so soon! I've been getting a ridiculous amount of spam (and so many legitimate emails getting lost in the spam, I just discovered) and wanted to see if it would lessen. Although.. the noreply might be.. was that an email from Blogger saying that I responded to a comment? All of those emails are something like 'noreply-blogger'.

Sparkleneely said...

Ooooh, I love these ads! They are so cute! I wish I had big ones to hang up as decoration... and now I wish I had a Tootsie Roll, too.


Maria said...

They are pretty cute.. Just like Halloween should be (and, apparently, used to be)! And you're absolutely right, Karen! They would look great on a wall (especially the Curtiss one, I think)!

Anonymous said...

There's a factory that made Tootsie Rolls a few towns over. A friend of my mom's had a sister who worked there, and for a while we had Halloween-sized bags of Squirrel Nut Zippers and Mary Janes in the middle of June.

Maria said...

That's really neat.. and delicious sounding! Is there a difference between SNZs and MJs? I think I've only had the latter. Which is better?