Thursday, October 30, 2008

Table-Top Circus of Blood

Our final Highlights for Children Halloween craft idea shows how to bring the Big Top to your Table Top: the Table-Top Circus. What exactly does a circus made of bottle caps and pipe cleaners have to do with Halloween? In the world of Highlights, apparently nothing. However, clown-based hysteria is one of the most common and completely understandable phobias that plague the human psyche. In that respect, this is perhaps the most unnerving of all the Highlights Halloween handicrafts. There's still time: click the picture for instructions to construct your own cannibalistic carnival of chills!

On that note, have a gruesome Halloween!


Lidian said...

I used to read Highlights as a kid...You are making me realize just how weird it was! This is wonderful. I love your blog!

Maria said...

I used to read it, too (well, the Goofus and Gallant, anyway), never realizing how deliberately disturbing it is! I don't think that children's magazines today would get away with such sleaze and gore!

Thank you so much, Lidian!