Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stitchery and Scraps

The lesson for today's post is 'sewing for the home can be fun'! Better Homes and Gardens shows you just how much of a hoot sewing, weaving (or knitting with a loom), and summer stitchery can be in these four pages from Stitchery and Crafts.

Surely if weaving (or knitting, rather) had been this simple in Penelope's day, her plans would have been foiled much sooner, and history would be forever changed. Also, she would have been able to make many fashionable shawls in a jiff!

From afar, these cushions look pretty neat with their boxy geometrics, bold colors, and textures that seem to pop off the page. Up close, however, you realize just how useless they really are and that they resemble the bottom of those cheap Easter baskets.

It would be worth it to toil all winter long just to have your summery stitches all ready for those warm days out by the lake. You'd better get started now; you'll need pillows, rugs, runners, cushions, fabric awnings to hang off the bridge, covers for your wire-framed chairs, parasols, table cloths, covers for directors' chairs and tree swings, and, of course, your ottomans. You might need to quit your job to get them all done in time!