Monday, September 22, 2008

Stitchery and Gasps

Crochet is the most venerable of all forms of needlework. But don't take my word for it. Better Homes and Garden's Stitchery and Crafts has this to say on the matter: 'Crocheting is a venerable art.' See? The art of crochet might have hit rock bottom in the 1970s, but in the 1960s it was still a fresh way to create unique details and breathe new life into your various doodads.

Odd tufts of yarn is a perfectly acceptable way to create texture and intrigue in a room. If your furnishings are a curious mélange of styles and colors, red tufts on the wall will draw the eye away from the general decor and create a sense of panic and confusion that will silence any critiques of bad taste in a jiffy. Crocheted designs can also be attached to store-bought pillows and cushions. The middle cushion, for instance, has a handmade trivet glued to it.

Ancient bearded god or fancy trilobite?

Sheets with personalized embroidery say all the things that mere words cannot. The blue sheet set on the right, for instance, says, 'I breed rabbits.' My favorite part of this page though is the doddering, bespectacled cat on the bedside table of the first picture.

Check back soon for more crafts-related wonderment!


Sparkleneely said...

I am quite partial to the venerable tufts sticking out of the wall. I think I just might do that for my living room.


Eliina said...

Maria, i'm so glad you're doing ok. I've been thinking of you a lot. Your blog is awesome! Found it while vanity searching my name on flickr... (oh I know, I know!)

Maria said...

ELIINA!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to hear from you!!! How have you been? I've been thinking about you, too!!!! I'm actually happy you found my blog! Some of my early posts here were actually posted on LJ first... mostly the horrifying gelatin-related stuff!

Ha, you must have been shocked to see all sorts of candies under your name (or, possibly delighted)! And you saw the digitized candy wrapper museum! I think I scanned just about every one that you sent me! Except for the Easter egg... though I should take a photo of that.

Well, I could go on and on, but FYI, if you do check back here (and if you're wondering), all my email addresses (and LJ account) are all checked daily. I hope you're well...

Maria said...

Karen, if you betuft your living room, I hope you put some pictures up on Flickr! I wonder if you make them big enough if they can be used as shelving?