Friday, March 07, 2008

Encyclopédie Répulsica, vol. 10

To wind up Curly Wurly's Encyclopedia Repulsica series, here are the four best pictures from three fairly standard Woman's Day encyclopedic cookbooks. The dishes seem to be passably traditional, and the presentations are far from experimental. Only a few intriguing pictures snuck into these volumes. Woman's Day Famous French Cookery, published in 1969, contains 'traditional French dishes for modern American kitchens.'

Traditional French dish #1: Veal and Ham Mousse - It's easy to prepare, can be made well in advance, and, most impressively, can be tastefully decorated with Easy Cheese, the Parisian way!

Traditional French dish #2 - This beauté is the Molded Veal. Personally, I think veal is the ideal meat for gelatin!

Moving away from French cookery, here is a single picture from the comparatively staid Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, volume one from 1966. This is two views of the ever versatile Tomato Aspic. At the bottom, we have the classic Tomato Aspic, and at the top there is Tomato Aspic with Vegetables, which seems to be heavily artichoked.

Finally, from 1965's Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, volume two, this is the Steak Tartare. Now, I realize that Steak Tartare is probably still served in fine restaurants and eaten by some of the most cosmopolitan people in the world. It's just that I didn't realize it was raw meat with an egg on top!


Milady DeWinter said...

I have this cookbook.
It was a "gift" from my mother when I first moved out of the house... and I pull it out to traumatise people with.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've been truly inspired. I'm going to whip up a steak tartare gelatin mold (with potatoes and mayonnaise, of course). Should I use the lime or the lemon jell-o?

Thanks for the great commentary on all your posts. Very, very, very funny.

Maria said...

Hi anonymous!

You are definitely braver than I am! I think I would opt for the lemon jell-o over the lime, only because I would fear that the lime would be too flavorful! Are you going to eat it or just make it? If you're just going to make it, then you might as well go for a dash of color! (If you do make a mold, let me know if you upload a picture!)

Aww, thanks! Thank you for visiting and commenting!