Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Encyclopedia Repulsica, vol. 9 (Sod-Ste)

Volume 15 of the Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking has few pictures of interest. While the highlight is Family Circle's signature Sodden Steak, there are a small handful of soup and steak foodscapes that are surely as bland and runny or tough and gristly as their pictures suggest. This edition also features some intriguing presentation ideas that could possibly impress the least impressible.

Running out of candles, the hostess discovered that her taper-like breadsticks made a satisfactory substitution.

Is this a group of 'Soda Fountain Sensations' or are they from the 'Soup Kettle'?! These glasses seem to contain either a beverage, soup, sauce, dip, or relish, but all glasses don't appear to contain something from the same family! Also, why is there lemon gelatin in a mug with a hard-boiled egg on top?!

The featured recipe on this page is the Tomato Consomme (under the category of Clear Or Thin Soups). But who's looking at the soup?! To be honest, the room's so dark, it's hard to see anything but the sparkling gelatin!

The artful Anchovy Steak 'wears an olive and anchovy lattice trim.' It looks like a board game!

'Is this a steak? It is, indeed,' teases the caption. Why, this is a sinfully luscious Steak Bombe with Stuffed Tomato Cups!