Thursday, January 10, 2008

C'mon Get Happy..

Published just a few years before she became an actress on the hit television show, The Partridge Family, Susan Dey contributed her personal recipes to Good Housekeeping's Cooking With Susan. At least, I'm assuming this 1967 collection is referring to Susan Dey. It's never explicitly confirmed, but I have my suspicions.

Front cover - Apparently this is our first glimpse into Susan's 'culinary wonderland.'

Now available at your local fast food joint, the Pinwheel Sandwich Loaf. Ingredients include a pound of frankfurters, canned pork n' beans, and catchup!

Step-by-step photos make it easy for you to visualize making these Hot Corned-Beef Barbecues.

Shirley Jones' Mexicali Meat Pie with the Mexican-style whole kernal corn on top!

Another Hamburger Stroganoff. This one's in a corral made of tomatoes and rice.

Tuna Pie in Rice Crust.

Petal Cake - Unlike anything found in nature.

It's worth the messy fingers when you're making Banana Split Pancakes!