Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cooking With A Surprising Difference

At a book sale earlier this year, I managed to track down a companion cookbook to 1964's Cooking... with a Velvet Touch. Cooking with a Surprising Difference is much the same as its predecessor . This book has gorgeous pictures on every page, so it was difficult to decide which needed to be shared. And, as such, this will have to be a two-part post, I think!

Front cover - 'Mavis, you were right! I just can't believe what a difference a can of Carnation has made to my citrus gelatin salad! It's more velvetized than I ever could have imagined!'

'Lazy Ways For Lazy Days!' - While there are some great shots of the featured foods in the cookbook, the best pictures are of the color-coordinated people and their mod furnishings. The food is just an afterthought. Here, the brash yellows and reds accentuate the lack of 'hustle, bustle, hurry, dash, scamper or scurry' of this weekend scene.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this page about Day Dreams... because this very set of Saturday Sandwiches figures prominently in most of my Day Dreams!

'Saturday nights ... serve something special!,' is the heading/suggestion for this page. Is the Rice and Mushroom Bake supposed to be 'something special'? Under 'Shortcuts For Easy Weekends,' it is said that, on the weekend, you can 'use your dishwasher. It's a lazy girl's best friend.'

A buffet-style party scene! Not only is this one hip party, but it only cost pennies! The man farthest to the left is really eyeing that pie (It might be Beef and Mushroom)!

This Lemon-Lime Parfait is the most eye-catching dessert you can concoct for bridge night. And if you're running a little late, you can throw together some Last-Minute Cream Shells!

I think the writers of this book are really pushing things thematically with this one. This page is 'Easy ways for cleaning days,' and aims to make it easy for the lady of the house to throw something together for dinner when she's got her hands full in other areas of the house. Unfortunately, this Easy Cole Slaw For Unexpected Callers is the result. And that weird plant that's growing out of the iced tea.

Finally, at the halfway point in the book, here is the Do-Ahead Cheese Spaghetti For 12. Yes, 12! It's made even better with the decorative lattice of shredded process American cheese!

Check back tomorrow for more Surprisingly Different fare!


jason67 said...

This cookbook is as much a lesson in 1960's hairstyles as it is a trip down gastronomy lane!

Needless to say, j'adore!

Maria said...

I totally agree! The fashions, the decor, the aprons matching the wallpaper.. It's definitely one of the more fashionable cookbooks I've seen!