Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Health 1950, part 2

Here is the promised 'Cook Book' portion of Rawleigh's 1950 Good Health Guide Almanac Cook Book.

1. New, Delicious Frozen Treats - Some great summertime experiments! Just grab some Rawleigh's Compound Lemon Nectar and some fruit flavor, and you're all set! Dietician recommended!

2. New Ways To Cook Potatoes - 1950, the year Pigs In 'Taters was invented, was surely a great year. Also, note the friendly Food With Eyes potatoes in the heading. This looks like the beginning of some sort of Potluck Dinner. Here is a enlargement of those potatoes.

3. The Canap├ęs of the Stars under the Party Spreads And Appetizers category. And Rawleigh's own spice and condiment line.

4. Tommy's allergic to his Cheese Dream sandwich. If only his mother made him the Midnighter's Special: 'This baked bean sandwich is a concoction of favorite flavors.' Sounds delish. Best served with Irish Pipes for dessert.

5. Desserts You Can Make In A Jiffy!

6. 9 Good Ways To Serve Fowl - There might be better ways, but these'll do. Includes Kentucky Fried Chicken.

7. You Will Like These Milk and Cheese Dishes.. and Prune Whip! - Also, the story of the best jelly ever!

8. Back cover - Packaging of Rawleigh's flavorings, spice, condiments, and pudding and pie filling.