Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Health 1950, part 1

For over sixty-one years, Rawleigh's (the W.T. Rawleigh Company) published an annual Good Health Guide Almanac Cook Book. This essential booklet included health and first aid articles, recipes and meal ideas, calendars, and many other valuable tidbits of information. This edition from 1950 is crammed full of the sort of stuff that could make the internet obsolete!

1. Front cover - A George Michael (of Arrested Development) look-alike having a snack of Compound Lemon Nectar and Jelly Bread.

2. One dose of Anti-Pain Oil Internal, Liniment External (use only), Ready Relief, and Pleasant Relief a day keeps the doctor away!

3. Cold sufferer or evil genius laughing over diabolical plan? In either case, the treatment is the same: gargle, clear your head, and get plenty of liquids. In a few days, your cold (or the mirth resulting from your fiendish scheme) will disappear.

4. Sore Shoulders? If you want to prevent 'life-long disfigurement or dangerous complications,' better rub some Liniment External (use only) right into that ache.

5. KILLERS! When you see them, run! Or, better yet, take the law into your own hands. After all, if you call on the police about the atrocities these creatures (especially 'Enemy No. 2,' the Mosquito) have committed, they'll laugh you right out of the station. You can kill them quickly, you can kill them easily, and you can kill them in whatever form you prefer: powder, spray, bottled liquid, syringe. Only these premiere Insecticides to Protect Your Home, Family, Livestock, and Garden will do!

6. After you've slaughtered the killer insects, it's time to beautify! This page is very useful as it instructs you in the proper way to rouge and improve the state of your lips and complexion.

7. The beauty secrets continue with this page that asserts, 'Your Hair Can Be Soft and Lovely' and 'Hands are Important!' The handiest article is on the proper application of your perfume. 'Scatter small amounts [of perfume] about your person,' the guide suggests. Sounds to me like a primer on international smuggling!

8. Finally, here is the back cover with a floral-framed collection of beauty product packaging, including Shooting Star (top left) and La Jaynees (bottom).

Come back tomorrow for the edible portion of the Good Health Guide Almanac Cook Book!