Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cooking ... With A Velvet Touch

Here we have the alluringly-titled Cooking ... With A Velvet Touch, sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk. I can't ascertain the exact year of publication, but it very well might be from the 1950s. (See 'edit' at the bottom)

1. Front cover - All were cooked With A Velvet Touch.

2. EASY! - To cook, though maybe not to eat! The taunting
letters don't make it seem any easier, either.

3. STURDY SAUCES - I think 'sturdy' is a nice way
of saying indigestible.

4. Rainbow Bright! Calorie Light! Just Not Right! - Berry Banana Whip

5. Great For (Discouraging) Guests (From Ever Visiting
Your House Again)!

6. Hostess Hints - Experiments of the hard boiled egg
and cranberry volcano variety

7. Back cover - More enlightening views of the
cranberry volcano; She is grand!

I have a whole slew of Jell-O books coming up. So, if you like your food kinda see-through, check back soon!

EDIT: After all these months, I can confirm that this book is not from the 1950s but from 1964!