Monday, September 06, 2010

Young Moderns

If Curly Wurly was pressed to name its favorite writer, Mary Lee Taylor would be a contender for top prize. I've covered so many Taylor pamphlets here that she actually has her own tag. The most recent acquisition to the CW/Taylor archive is 1957's Cookbook For Young Moderns. What sets this cookbook apart from her earlier publications is her befuddling attempt at appealing to a younger generation. The result is a confused amalgamation of the old (stark wartime black and white photos of unappetizing mystery dishes) and the new (sumptuous colors and playful illustrations).

(Note: I'm trying out a different photo upload site. Let me know if you encounter problems viewing these images or the larger versions to which I've linked! This is only a test. BEEEEEEEEP!)

The front cover has some whimsical illustrations of kitchenware that looks like it's ready to dance right off the page! Also, have you tried the upside down cake?

PET Milk is, as always, a 'favorite "sparkle and vitality" drink for young moderns.' I can't help thinking this duo has to be more excited about something than the fact that the milk is Instant, though.

The drinks of the day at the Korova Milk Bar.

I'm sure any Frenchman would be offended by the notion of the 'Meaty French Cheese-Bake.' Especially since its main ingredients are the very American gummy white Wonder bread, processed American cheese, and canned luncheon meat!

PET Milk makes a Whipped Topping that is practically parfait in every way

FANCY FRANKS! This is the dance-that-could-have-been from the 'Tapioca' scene in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

There can't be too much of a demand for tutu-wearing potatoes! Not even among Fluffy Mashed Potato fanatics!

The Littlest Meat Loaves


Lt. Sanders said...

Just wandered thru and accidentally found your blog. Great stuff. I collect old advertising cookbooks and have about 100 Mary Lee Taylor titles. Keep up the good work!

Maria said...

Why, thank you! Once you start collecting, it's hard to stop, isn't it? Mary Lee Taylors are especially nice, I agree!