Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mary Alden's Hall Of Oats

Oats. They're one of the most stable and wholesome breakfast and dessert ingredients to have on hand, but, even so, Mary Alden's My 40 Favorite Recipes (Quaker Oats Co., 1959) offers some surprising suggestions to spice up one of the most mundane of the pantry mainstays.

Tradition and ingenuity meet on the front cover. An inviting bowl of be-peached oatmeal holds its own between a post-modern hors d'oeuvre platter and holiday field hockey cookies.

The 'it' meat: Baby meat loaves were the food of the late 1950s!

Don your grass skirt and light up the tiki torches! Your luau isn't complete without island-inspired Tropicana Kabobs made with ham balls!

I wonder how Chicken Timbales compare to the greatest of diner dishes, Chicken Croquettes.

Frosted Meat Loaves: They're Grrrrr-eat! Can you spot the face in the tomato?

A good looking Stuffed Acorn Squash

Mmm, Baked Tuna Ring heaped with buttery lima beans! If you clean your plate, you can have dessert!

... Hmm, apparently no-bake cookies were Mary Alden's specialty.

Twenty-four hour Party Cookies and the Happy (Squirrel) Sundaes. (Those squirrel cookies are extremely cute; much cuter than the children-of-the-damned lollipop cookies)

Delicious Desserts Squared

Paradise Meringues: It sounds like the name of an MTV reality show.

A sight for sore eyes: The best looking dish of the book just might be the most simple, Peach Oatmeal.

They call it "Breakfast in -a- glass ...!". I'm not so intrigued about this being in -a- glass so much as that fact that this is a non-yogurt, all-oatmeal smoothie made using a rotary beater.


Lidian said...

The tomato and the cookies all have expressions like Woody Allen's ;)

Maria said...

Ha! I didn't notice that, but I see it now! Maybe he worked for Quaker Oats as a food stylist before he embarked on his comedy career!

Samantha Lewis said...

Hi! I don't know else to get ahold of you except through a comment. I am looking for some vintage images of traditional Jewish food. Did you ever come across anything like that? Please email if so!

Maria said...

Hi Samantha!

That's actually a really interesting question. Unfortunately, I don't believe I have any vintage images of traditional Jewish food. I know I don't have any cookbooks, but I can't even recall seeing any such imagery in magazines.. Obviously, there HAS to be some books with pictures out there, but it's surprising that I can't think of an instance when I've seen one anywhere. I have loads of magazines that I haven't posted yet (or even looked through), and I will email you if I do come across some pictures!