Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fortnight Of A Thousand Faces

Feeling lonely? It's easy to make friends! Let Curly Wurly and Highlights Magazine show you how! Whether you want to make friends out of organic materials like walnuts; dehydrated apples; and eggs (or egg shells) or trash including old paper cups; burnt-out lightbulbs; kitchen utensils; and balloons, you can be the center of attention in your home in no time! Get started now, and you can have your house completely covered in staring eyes by Halloween! Click on images for craft directions.

Little Pecan-head Dolls | Paper Cup People

Apple-head Dolls | Light-bulb Creatures

Easter Eggs (make one that looks just like Spring Byington!) | Puppet

Crazy Faces (Karl Malden and Dr. Phil or Harpo and Groucho?) | Papier-mâché Wall Masks (didn't this guy fall off the wall in the Brady Bunch Goes To Hawaii episodes?)

A Mask (a perfect Lady Elaine Fairchild!) | Mr. Egghead With a Crewcut


Maria said...

Credits: All crafts are from the Jumbo Holiday Handbook published by Highlights for Children, 1963. Individual credit for each craft is located on the full-size images, which can be accessed by clicking on each picture in this post.

Lidian said...

With friends like that....who would want to make enemies?

Perfect CAPTCHA word: somess

"I don't think you should mess with pecans and paper cups, somess with something else!"