Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Recipes For Good Eating on Flickr

Recipes For Good Eating (1944)

I don't usually skip Curly Wurly and post cookbook scans straight to Flickr, but Recipes For Good Eating was too beautiful a cookbook to skewer here*. It's a Crisco-sponsored cookbook from 1944. The pictures are so lovely that I had to scan every one, yet they really need no comment. So, if you're interested, why don't you head on over to my Flickr account (I post a lot more frequently there, so feel free to add me as a contact or check there often). Here is a direct link to the set of pictures. Finally, I try to remember to tweet when I post new stuff (or find other interesting things online). Feel free to watch or add me as a friend on Twitter (or Tumblr, for that matter).

* As a side note, I'm planning on posting another cookbook straight to Flickr in a few days (57 Unusual Ways To Serve Spaghetti from c. 1933).


Lidian said...

Just added you as a contact/friend on Flickr - I'm Lidian62 over there :)

That is a gorgeous cookbook cover!

Maria said...

Hi Lidian! I added you back!

I agree! All of the pictures have that kind of dreamy-hued look. I think this is one of the prettiest cookbooks I have!