Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 232nd Birthday, U.S. of A.!

There is nothing more all-American than Oscar Mayer. Not even apple pies. The name Oscar Mayer has been synonymous with fine meats for the last 125 years, and it has been at the center of innumerable happy social gatherings. Well, they claim involvement in at least 125 happy social gatherings. No picnic or barbecue is complete without one of their juicy hot dogs or other meats, and, according to Oscar Mayer & Co., Inc, it is best not to attempt to hold such an assemblage without them.

Oscar Mayer CookOut Fun, published in 1959, is the quintessential guide to cooking outdoors with Oscar Mayer brand products, as you'll see. Along the way, we'll discover some intriguing recipes, some okay suggestions, and, most importantly, we'll meet Little Oscar, a little sprite with a yen for cooking in open spaces! Remember that you can click on the pictures for larger images!

There is something undeniably disturbing about this tyke. I mean, I like hot dogs as much as the next person, but this sort of excitement should be reserved for going to the circus or meeting Davy Jones.

This is a still from Disney's classic The Freaky Shaggy Dog starring Fred MacMurray and Maureen O'Hara (both pictured). This romp is about a boy who, after taking the family pet for granted, swaps bodies with the beloved pooch. In this scene, the father is about to toss a grilled frank to the 'boy' (who is actually the dog) to the entertainment of the rest of the family. This is the kind of wackiness (and cloudy iced tea) that one can expect from the delightful Disney films of the era!

Appetites ready? Get set... Gorge...! On Wiener Canoes and Pickle-Dillies! If you're looking for a fancy change, there are certainly enough days left in summer to perfect your own Smokie Grillburger!

If you can't get your head around a holiday that doesn't involve unwrapping packages, stuff your meat and veg in a bundle of tin foil! May I recommend trying the Plantation Packs (sadly, not pictured), a hot dog covered in 'chunk-style' peanut butter! See what fun!

I imagine the Teen-Ager CookOuts of 2008 utilized more iPods and boomboxes than wireless gramophones, but there's one thing that never goes out of style: Oscar Mayer Wieners! Whether classic or 'South-of-the-Border'-style, they will surely set your yard jumping. I like this one bit of advice: 'Alert the neighbors and let the record player blare'!

All hail the mighty Kabob! If you run out of Wieners or Smokie Links, you can substitute Little Frier Pork Sausages and Snack Bologna!

This page does not lie when it claims 'fun foods a-plenty'! Tomato Aspic Salad with mayonnaise and Deviled Eggs (garnished with salami) and the very eye-pleasing tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese.. as well as Wiener Slaw and Liver Sausage Pickle Dip and Smoky Snax Dip?!!? That's one fantastic Sm"orga"sbord!

Even those who prefer healthier fare should sneak a little meat into their salads! There's nothing wrong with a little German Sausage Salad or Wiener Slaw!

The boy from the cover image grows up. Even though he's graduated to 'two-fisted' sandwiches like the Big Boy and the Smokie Huskie (pictured), he still greets Oscar with a look of tender devotion. In fact, these passionate gazes seem to confirm that line from the Oscar Mayer Wiener song: 'If I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener, everyone would be in love with me.' Note: This picture (and many others) show packaging images from the full line of Oscar Mayer products, including Liver Cheese (with attractive white-edged slices) and New England Brand Sausage (ham-like flavor).

Fun-Sandwiches for the Family Picnic Basket - Featuring hints for Sandwich-Making and a recipe for their Prize Liver Cheese Sandwich. I love the adorable cafeteria-style trays!

When the balmy summer nights make way for crisp autumn eves, try a fireside Cook-In! 'You'll find it an informal, happy experience for all'!

For a little more Oscar Mayer fun, you can view the complete set of scans from the cookbook at Flickr! Happy 4th of July!


Pierre said...

Maureen O'Hara wasn't in The Shaggy Dog, bud did do other movies with Fred McMurray.

Maria said...

Hi, Pierre. Thanks for pointing that out! That was actually a joke.. Completely made up movie title and concept. The father looked slightly more like Fred MacMurray than Brian Keith, so I opted for that made up combination.

Lushie Peach said...

Hurray! A new Curly Wurly post! Wait - you mean I can't get The Freaky Shaggy Dog on Netflix?!

There's the bamboo utensils on the tin foil bundle page - they're turning up everywhere!

Maria said...

Yes, I'm so ashamed! I hope to make up for the month(s) soon, though! No, it's not on Netflix! Sorry for leading everyone astray! I do recommend That Darn Apple Dumpling Gang!, though.

I noticed the bamboo utensils! I guess they were more popular than we realized!

ChuChu353 said...

FWIW the mom in The Shaggy Dog was played by Jean Hagen, who was also Lena Lamont in "Singin' In the Rain"