Monday, July 28, 2008

Bananas - How To Serve Them, part 3

If you haven't gone bananas from all the bananas yet, here's the final installation of the great 1941 booklet, to serve them.

'He put my banana in Jell-O again?' Did you know?: 'Nature seals bananas in a germ-proof package'!

Banana Milk Shake - This is the cutest page of the entire book. The recipe yields a shake large enough to share, but if you have an appropriately sized stool, straws that resemble stilts, and some time to kill, why would you want to?

Serve your hairy grubs and other creepy crawlies with Hawaiian-style Pineapple Sauce! If you want your sauce to ooze with tropicality, drip in a little green food coloring 'to tint the sauce a delicate green.' Add toothpick parasols, and you've got yourself an Insta-Luau (whole roasted pig optional)!

Finger sandwiches make great snacktime in Geometry class. Or, use them for elementary school-age word problems: 'If Jack's sandwich has five banana slices and Sylvia's has four, how tall is Rodolfo?'

Don't Skip These 'How-To-Do-It's'! Includes the enlightening 'How to slice bananas section,' as well as fluting methods. 'How to keep bananas from turning dark,' also looks like a school project: one of those national science projects everyone has to do! You can just imagine the poster board covered in pie charts detailing the effect of the fruit juices on banana coloring!

Once again, if you're interested in viewing more of the illustrations from the booklet, have a look at my Flickr set devoted to these sprightly bananamen!


Anonymous said...

Re: #44...

Weren't those in a Judd Apatow movie? I think I remember them from the beginning of _Forgetting Sarah Marshall_.

(I can't believe I went there.)