Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Foodarama Party Book

The Foodarama Party Book is a handy guide on how to throw an impressive shindig for any occasion. It was published in 1959 by the Kelvinator Division of American Motors Corp. The Foodarama was a particular Kelvinator refrigeration model. In fact, it was 'a new, high mark in gracious living,' boasted Joan Adams of the Kelvinator Institute for Better Living. The Foodarama is (well, was) 'the world's only combination 6-cubic-foot, upright home freezer and 12-cubic-foot, self-defrosting refrigerator.' Finally, the Foodarama actively promoted better eating, thriftiness, and time saving. And, like most refrigerators, fun! Appropriately, this book is for 'fun loving people.'

First, you can't have a party without a few Popular Party Games - including Hot Potato and the Three-Legged Race!

Rainbow Birthday Cakes - The highlight of the picture is the Colored Marshmallows, especially those lolling about in the cocoa. The figures at the top bring a wrapped offering to the cake and take a moment to bow their heads reverently.

Teen Age Birthday Supper - Real Crazy Cake, the likes of which would only appeal to a Teen Ager. Teen Agers also like the Real Crazy Wicker Duck with Real Crazy Bananas sticking out really crazily from it. The ice cream brand has been covered over so that the Teen Agers can't identify it (it's the cheap kind).

Valentine Dinner - Love is in the air, and so is the aroma of Roast Pork with Spiced Crabapples and Banana Sea Foam!

For that indispensable Washington's Birthday Party - The Birthday Dinner will include Washington favorites Planked Lamb Chops and Duchess Potatoes.

But, the best part of your annual Washington's Birthday Party is having a slice of Lizzy Borden Roll. Oh, wait, that's not for this party. This is the Festive Ice Cream Roll, filled with cherry vanilla ice cream and topped with the very axe which Washington used to chop down the infamous cherry tree.

'Bridge for the Ladies?' As if there's any choice! How about serving up some boiling hot Lobster Newburg and the rare but deadly 10-eyed Party Sandwich Loaf? Note one of my favorite gadgets: the underappreciated toast rack.

This looks more like a set of porcelain tchotchkes collecting dust in an old lady's house than something edible. But, as it happens, these unnecessary knickknacks are called Frozen Fruit and Cheese Salad.

Come back tomorrow for more fashionable party ideas courtesy of Kelvinator!


jason67 said...

I love party sandwich loaves! Looks like cake, but really it's a big, frosted sandwich!

Totally wrong, like savory Jell-o.

I made one once for a kitsch Christmas party. They are not easy to pull off!

Maria said...

They're certainly ingenious.. and I can tell they're involved! But do they taste good? The meat's so close to the cream cheese!

I think you're going to have to whip up some savory Jell-O for your next party!! That should be almost as impressive as party sandwich loaves!