Thursday, August 02, 2007

Foodarama Party Book, part 2

There's a lot more to the Foodarama Party Book! First up is a Baby Shower Party..

So, how does the book recommend celebrating the blessing of an addition to the family? Why, with the very tropical Party Chicken! Looks like one of those weird cravings a pregnant woman might have.. like for artichokes with marshmallow fluff.

Easter Brunch - Eggs Marguerite (in the iconic Corningware dish), a thick slab of ham surrounded by unreal-looking pears filled with something that looks like caviar (it's marmalade), and a great, slightly sunken Panettone.

I don't know about you, but nothing says 'picnic' to me like a nice serving of olive loaf! In fact, I could go for some right now! You've got to love those cute little condiment containers, though, I don't know what ketchup is supposed to compliment in this particular set-up. Surely not the olive loaf!

The best party is the one with the 'small fry' in mind. This Circus Cake will certainly tickle his or her funny bone! Great with Popcorn Balls!

For a Teen Ager party, nothing beats some good grill lines on a hamburger. Nothing. It's a festive thing to do, and it might even match the decorations! If you don't have a grill, just draw them on. A thick black Sharpie works well. These aren't just hamburgers, though. They're Jam Session Hamburgers, and, be warned, they're much too 'Real Crazy' for adult tastebuds.

The remorseful 'Morning After' Eggs go well with those Pizza Pies with anchovy filets that the Teen Agers love so much.

Give thanks the way the Pilgrims did it at the first Thanksgiving: with Three Layer Salad (containing large amounts of native crop, Sliced Stuffed Olives) and Lemon Cups! Lemon Cups are, by the way, lemon halves, scooped out and dipped in paprika, filled to overflowing with mayonnaise. Yum?

Poker for the Men. Think The Odd Couple. If you're out of bologna sandwiches, paella might be your next best bet. I'm sure loads of poker parties have heaping bowls of paella in the middle of the table. If you're more of an Oscar Madison kind of guy, I'm guessing the Sausage Platter would be more your speed. Ooh, more olive loaf!

Christmas' menus are as predictable as Thanksgiving's. Try something different this year, why don't you? The Holiday Orange Pudding is guarded by over half a dozen Michelin Men!

I was really excited when I saw this page. This is the book's Christmas Eve Dinner and has a tray of my favorite Christmas Eve treat: Mustard Salad Molds! Mmm, they're the best. Not as good as olive loaf but still a great gelatinous side dish!


jason67 said...

Some more fine examples of molded salads... You really like those don't you? ;-)

And popcorn balls? Yum.

Maria said...

I was actually thinking this book might be helpful with any of your future hosting duties! You'll see what a hit those popcorn balls and molded salads are!

But, of course, there's nothing more impressive than a molded salad!

jason67 said...

My friends will be... speechless.

Maria said...

Of course! And, you'll be a legend!

24pfilms said...

Man I laughed my ass off...great dialogue.
Fondue 2 u

Maria said...

Ha, well, that is my goal! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :-D