Monday, April 09, 2007

Alternative Holiday Dinners

Happy Easter!

'All dressed up for your Easter table: America's most delicious ham!' Classic Easter fare in this lusciously colored advertisement from Armour include Armour's Star Ham dressed with Easter Eggs and Armour's Star Ham Rarebit. Plus, a reminder to listen to Hedda Hopper's Hollywood on Mondays! That's surely everything you could want in a holiday!

But, what if you're tired of typical holiday cuisine? 'Great Budget Steaks' might be just the answer! Above, in this Family Circle featured menu from 1965, the majestic Tournedos with Mushrooms Royale tower over the proceedings, but it's the Eeyoreesque Steak Madrid which captures the heart with its forlorn expression. Who said meat doesn't need a little love?

What goes with beef? Potatoes, allegedly. The folks at Reynolds Wrap provide 'Flavor-Stuffed Potatoes' for just this occasion. What flavor the potatoes happen to be stuffed with depends on the nature of the entrée. The pictured variety might not be the suggested pairing for steak, but it does contain a similar eye-catching ingredient to the Steak Madrid above.

If you're looking for something a little more glamourous in your root vegetables, try the Stuffed Baked Potatoes à la Hollywood brought to you by Wrigley's chewing gum! I'm not sure how many of you have eaten potatoes in Hollywood, but this is what they look like there. The ring of Chicklets is a nice touch!

Finally, if you're not much of a beef eater, Turkey Loaf is the perfect option! I daresay, it's far more impressive than a full bird! With Shenandoah Turkey loaves, all you have to do is add gravy, and clean-up is a cinch!


jason67 said...

The Wrigley's ad is hilarious!

A nice, heavy, hard-to-digest potato recipe, next to an ad saying that "Wrigley's aids in digestion"(!)

I just love the un-subtlety of vintage ads.