Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid-Century Milk

When you think of glamor and modern, cutting-edge cuisine that doesn't skimp on decadence, what ingredients immediately spring to mind? Caviar? Truffles? Of course not! Better Homes & Gardens wants to lure you in with the 'smooth, tempting flavor only Evaporated Milk can give'! Better Homes' February 1955 pictorial paean to that fast, thrifty modern miracle (and pantry staple) provides your kitchen magician with eleven fancy luncheon and dinner suggestions.

The Evaporated Milk fashion spread. I usually take a Tums when I experience 'come-again' flavor, but apparently that is a good thing when caused by Evaporated Milk!

'Evaporated Milk: It's what the blue bloods are having for dinner tonight'. Article (and this blog post) paid for by the American Dairy Association.

The new architectural (and literary) marvel: Choose Your Own Adventure Curry - complete with an impenetrable rice fortress!

The Peach Cream Salad looks like one of the mysterious stations run by the Dharma Initiative on ABC's television hit, Lost. What could be the purpose of all those cryptic red and green portals along the outer perimeter? Is the top decoration the sun or another sinister symbol made of cling peaches?? Why does a Peach Cream Salad call for horseradish??? Does Jacob live here???? Only 'time' will tell, but probably only one of these questions will be answered by the end of the series.

Decisions, decisions! Can't choose between vanilla and chocolate pudding? Try Twice Good Pudding! Note: This recipe spread must have been published before the advent of salad bars, where you can have Twice Good Pudding every day of the week. See, we take for granted how good we have it now! Also, I challenge you to find a noodle in the Noodle Ring with Mushroom Sauce! I see more potential noodle matter in the Cherry Almond Fluff!

The Loaf In A Loaf is the highlight of this page. It's an edible matryoshka with the outer loaf holding as many as eight other nested loaves! Or, rather, it's like a turducken. You can also try the Treasure Island Rabbit. Diced pimiento marks the spot!


Theresa said...

A random jello-like salad being described an a Dharma Station... You really ARE my new favorite blogger!

Lidian said...

A treat to read and look at, as always! You are so funny! :) And those pictures are classic...

As for the "Your Choice Curry" my choice would be, well, to skip it, probably.

~~louise~~ said...

I LOVE the commentary Maria which is more than I can say for the recipes:) To think someone would actually try to choose.

Thanks for the day brightener on this dreary, rainy Sunday in New York.

BTW, You are going to LOVE this. I'm having a free cookbook give away at my blog tomorrow (4th) It's a GREAT cookbook peppered with history. Stop by if you get a chance. Who knows, you may win!!!

Theresa said...

Alrighty, so I actually made that noodle ring for dinner tonight and it turned out pretty good! Well, I guess I did use bacon instead of frankfurters, and bacon does make everything better... but still.
Check it out!


amy beth said...

LOL- let's not bring "Glamourous" Into these things done with evaporated milk.

Maria said...

Sorry for not responding to everyone sooner! Any comment would be now be obsolete, but thank you all for reading and commenting!

Theresa, I can't believe you actually made the Noodle Ring (seriously, check it out, everyone)! As I always say to my Mom (who looks intently at any cookbook I show her, hoping to find a usable recipe), 'these foods are for looking at, not eating!' Amazingly, you make it look more than EDIBLE!

It's true, these recipes are anything but glamourous!