Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mickey Mouse and Goofy Explore Energy, part 2

As promised, here is part two of Mickey Mouse and Goofy Explore Energy. Yesterday we left off just as the dozing Mickey and Goofy were greeted by Enny, the Spirit of Energies past. Enny has a lot to show the eager pair about the history of energy usage. Soon you'll learn all about Goofy's contributions to our lives over the last few hundred years! Remember, everything you read below is indisputable fact! Click to enlarge all pictures. (© 1976, Walt Disney Educational Media Co.)

Documented early use of solar and mastodon power.

Goofy lucks into discovering water and wind power, and he develops the first windmill. He also accidentally invents the first batch of Silly Putty.

Goofy demonstrates the prototype of the Rube Goldberg back scratcher. The shortcomings of water and wind power are resolved by the discovery of steam power.

Goofy ushers in the era of coal and discovers electricity after almost being struck in a thunderstorm. All contrary to what text books will have you believe!

Is Goofy an idiot savant or just an idiot? Discuss. Also, remember learning about 'Goofy-power' in school?

The convenience and ease of electricity has directly resulted in our lazy and wasteful society. As more energy guzzling gadgetry are hoisted upon us, trash cans overflow with obsolete technologies, noise pollution saturates the once peaceful air, queues for the moving pictures clutter city streets, and many houses have too many butter churns! ..Then Goofy discovers Texas Tea.

Goofy and our dependence on Texas Tea ('Black Gold').

Welcome to the Petroleum Century.

We're all to blame!

The never-ending cycle of guilt.

Tomorrow's final installment of Mickey Mouse and Goofy Explore Energy delves into possible alternative energy sources and the lost art of conservation.


~~louise~~ said...

I'm speechless. Thank goodness there are blogs like yours that "dig deep" for lost teasures such as this...

I'm just curious, Maria. I don't spend much time on flickr. What do you do that makes it so much fun for you? Perhaps, I need to explore it further:)

Maria said...

Ha, yeah, I was quite stunned when I found this a month ago!

I like Flickr because I can post things that may not fit in with my blog, and I like exploring the groups and contacts I have on there. There's really a picture for every mood and interest, and it does take a long time to explore it enough so that it doesn't seem overwhelming.

~~louise~~ said...

Thanks Maria,
I'll test the waters gently:)