Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The terrifying World of Johnny Toothbrush

Halloween, the best time of the year, is upon us, and I wanted to join everyone else getting in the spirit of things by posting a favorite bone-chilling tale of the macabre from my personal collection. "Cleanliness" starring Johnny Toothbrush is not your average book of Pointers For Little Persons. Nope, it's a gruesome jaunt down the path towards 'the creeps' brought to us by Virginia Parkinson and early claymation images from the Sass-Dorne Studio. Originally published in 1943, this book is every bit as spine-tingling and suspenseful as it was back then.

I can't protect you any longer from...

Two comments: The front cover shows permanent signs of the mental breakdown the original owner experienced after reading this book. Some believe that she was trying to write 'halitosis'... Also, you might notice that Johnny Toothbrush bears a striking resemblance to Ed Wynn. This cannot be a coincidence.

A scene of lavatorial consternation

It all goes downhill from here..

The sign, though very small, says 'Enter At Your Own Peril'. Though all signs indicate that they should turn back while they still can, they enter the lair of Dr. Stork.

Who is this diabolical Dr. Stork? Why would Johnny Toothbrush lead Bobby into his clutches? How (or will) they get out alive? You'll have to check back on Halloween for the conclusion of "Cleanliness" starring Johnny Toothbrush. Sleep tight... if you dare!