Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The continuing frights of Johnny Toothbrush

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm sure nightmares and sleeplessness were common to all of the readers of the first part of "Cleanliness" starring Johnny Toothbrush. I can only hope that the conclusion of the story will soothe your troubled soul. Our story of unspeakable terrors left off at the sudden development of an 'awful worry' that Johnny Toothbrush and his hygienically-challenged friend, Bobby, were about to discover. An 'awful worry' that would clearly lead to a lesson learned the hard way: never follow a toothbrush deep into the forest, no matter how dirty your teeth are. We are about to meet first-hand one of the most demonic characters ever conjured from the depths of the human mind, a doctor (if that is his true profession) by the name of Stork. Let's continue..

Dr. Stork shows the trembling duo (Bobby, not pictured) just what he does to those who don't brush. A spine-chilling plot to control the minds of little children everywhere.

Even more horrifyingly, he prescribes 'excercise'! What kind of avian-devil is he?

Yes, Doc Stork means it when he says to 'excercise'. It is said that Doc knows whose toothbrushes have been properly 'excercised' and whose have not. He comes for those scamps by shadow of night, and they are never heard from again. This Halloween night, if you see the flutter of white wings against the ebony sky, you'll know Dr. Stork has come to claim another soul.

Well, have a great day!


jason67 said...

I love Johnny's platinum hair! Is it Miss Clairol?

Only his hairdresser knows for sure!

jason67 said...

Ooops, I meant Bobby's hair...

Maria said...

Ha! It's weird that he should have his brushing difficulties yet have such perfect hair!