Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Things To Eat (for 2 or 4 or 6)

According to a hand-scrawled notation on the front cover of Good Things to Eat For 2 or 4 or 6, the second cookbook in our Mary Lee Taylor series, it should have actually been entitled, 'Very Good Things to Eat..' The big question is whether the original owner intended to describe the Spring Meat Stew on the cover or the cookbook itself as 'Very Good.' This '2 or 4 or 6' is definitely from March - April, but there is no way to determine the year. You would think Mary Lee Taylor would use a standard dating system for all her books/newsletters!

Front cover - This is one of the more exciting covers. The miniature family strolls toward the gigantic platter of Spring Meat Stew. Meanwhile, in the bottom left corner, a dish of red gelatinous stuff watches on. The scripted 'Very Good' completes the satisfying scene. An interesting note about the stew: on the recipe page, it says that it 'tastes even better than it looks.'

This beaut is called the Jiffy Casserole. It's basically a fish casserole topped with potato chips.

In my last Mary Lee Taylor post, I mentioned that she seems to have a preference for rounded foods. This plate of piping hot Hot Cross Biscuits is no exception! They're part of the 'Something Different And Extra Good' menu!

Vegetarians (but not vegans), if you're looking for something a little different, why not try these Vegetable Cheese Cups? Paired with Creamed Green Beans, they're pure temptation!

Our 'old favorite', (round) Custard Pie. Lovely colors, though.

So, you're having people over, and you want to make a dinner sure to please? Don't leave these Corn Fritters off your menu!

To be honest, I wouldn't eat most of the meals in these cookbooks. But these Stuffed Frankfurters in Creamed Peas are the exception! Curiously, they are a part of a menu called, 'A Meal with 'High Hat' Hot Dogs.' 'High Hat,' indeed!

For Your Baby - It's official, Sego Milk is good for babies. Plus an ad for Mary Lee Taylor's program and Saturday Night Serenade starring Hollace Shaw.

More Mary Lee Taylor Tomorrow!