Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Easy Does It!

Recently I bought a copy of Carnation's Easy-Does-It Cookbook (published in 1958) in extremely poor condition. Despite the stains and yellowed pages, I found that there were some really cute line drawings. I thought it would be a good addition here, and, lucky for you, you never even have to know what this books smells like!

This is the charming front and back cover. It's the ultimate 1950s kitchen complete with George Nelson Sunburst clock!

Okay, I admit that the rest of this cookbook will only be of interest to Food With Eyes enthusiasts. This page confirms that 'Cukes Can Be Cute!' While the onion and strawberries wreak havoc, the very complacent cucumber slices prove to be the ideal companion.

Potatoes: they're likeable yet challenging. This well-traveled potato, who may or may not have been modelled after Oliver Hardy, has a pet parrot!

Let's Have A Party! This adorable telephone is ringing up all his friends for an impromptu Quick Tamale Pie party!

Finally, here's an odd set of Carnation Ice Cream characters. You've got to appreciate the enthusiasm of the two little guys exclaiming, 'We're Genuine Chocolate Cups'!