Saturday, January 06, 2007

Family Circle (1977)

Family Circle magazines have always been filled with 'great ideas,' but the January 1977 special edition called 333 Super Cakes & Cookies really takes the cake. Like every Family Circle, it's chock-full of mouthwatering baked goods, but it's the clever decorating and presentations that really makes the pictures a sight to behold!

1. Front cover

2. Colorful Canisters for Keeping or Giving - One of the best pages in the magazine! They actually bothered to import these canisters from England!

3. Circus Cake - I guess this is pretty clever, but the clown faces are kind of creepy.

4. Pumpkin Cake - Is that supposed to be a pilgrim?

5. Shirley Jones advertisement for Sunbeam appliances!


jason67 said...

I love the Shirley Jones ad.

If it's good enough for Mrs. Partridge, it's good enough for anyone!

Curly Wurly said...

But I can't help wondering: what would Florence Henderson do?