Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Better Baking (1952)

Here is another old baking booklet from 1952. Better Baking was put together by the home economics department of Proctor & Gamble's Crisco, a canned vegetable shortening. The front cover shows lushly colored cookies and other baked goods. The insides are filled with charming, though odd, illustrations of women with no facial features, hobos, and anthropomorphic baking implements.

1. Front and back covers

2. Essentials of Better Baking

3. Baking Equipment - This is my favorite drawing from the book.

4. "Two-From-One" Yellow Cake - Odd illustration of a (mostly) bodiless and faceless woman.

5. How Does Your Cake Rate?

6. Cake Problems: Causes and Corrections

7. Pies - Soon to be stolen by this hobo!

8. Another mostly featureless woman peruses the entire collection of "Suggested Baking References for Class Assignments."


jason67 said...

That "Baking Equipment' guy is creepy. And what's with the hobo???

Curly Wurly said...

I don't know! All of the drawings are a little strange and not very cookbooklike at all!