Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dressed For Success

The June 1947 issue of Woman's Home Companion had a series of articles about women in the workplace. Here is the accompanying fashion spread, Cotton To A Career, by fashion editor Mary-Alice Hamory.

The much-desired 'efficient as a filing cabinet' look. I think she looks nicer than the cabinet, incidentally.

Another nice dress upstaged by the filing cabinet

Hamory described the main feature of this after-work look as an 'impertinent bustle'!

Catch his eye at the soda shop

BONUS! for all you Mad Men fans. In A Year Of Your Own by Beatrice Green Taines and Jean Beck, several women's careers were described, including advertising, medicine (as receptionist or nurse), fashion design, theater, teaching, personnel work, and merchandising (retail). Here is what they had to say to ladies considering work in advertising: