Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pinchpenny Parade

One of the most important lessons in older cookbooks and magazines is that you needn't go hungry just because you're on a budget. Turn to the perennial frugal gourmet, Dorothy Kirk, who gives us Pinchpenny Banquets in the March 1948 Woman's Home Companion.

Comfort food enthusiasts, take note: Savory Tuna-Vegetable Croquettes -- very special with parsley sauce! I'm sure lima beans are the perfect accompaniment.

The onions sell out with this Onion Bean-Bake with Sausage Stuffing. Hey, it still looks better than Roger Daltrey in a tub of Heinz baked beans!

This weekend's special: Tomato Soup with Horseradish Cream; Vegetable Stew with Meat Puffins; and Two-Tone Tapioca Cream is a very Specials dessert

Are you a post-modern casserole cook? Here's a promising one with rice, cheese and asparagus!


Joanne said...

I would have eaten all of those except that nightmare floating in a tub of baked beans!

Maria said...

Me, too! Well, if the tuna croquettes were chicken or.. not tuna, at least. (I'd eat the beans but not the floating onions!)

RetroRuth said...

Ha! Love those crazy onions. Totally gag-worthy. Eep!

Maria said...

I almost feel bad for the onions now! They'll start to have a complex soon!