Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Faux Pas La La

'Tis the season for sacrilegious Christmas crafting, and does the ninth issue of Things To Make For Christmas (Fawcett Publications, 1965) have some doozies! For the remainder of 2010, I'll be counting down the worst of the season with advertising and crafting ideas from this and other publications, so check back daily for seasonal inspiration! Here's a little preview:

Up on the caketop reindeer pause and out jumps good old Santa Claus

Your own personal cathedral courtesy of Con-Tact Brand Adhesive Con-Tact Paper

The Great Ham Creche? Jesus Christ Superstar Armour Ham?

Apparently I missed the part in the Bible where the reader was instructed to 'Apply blue wax to Virgin's robe, filling out hips,' and to 'Spray Virgin's robe and Joseph's shawl very lightly with glitter.' Err.. also.. 'To attach Virgin to Child, press 2 or 3 fine needles into Virgin and impale Child on them.' You'd think they could come up with a more innocuous description!


Lidian said...

Oh my stars! I wonder if anyone really did this sort of thing, the cathedral-ing and the, um, impaling, even in 1965?

Maria said...

I'm thinking maybe Martha Stewart's mother! I had no idea that there were such vast displays of Con-Tact paper at one time. As far as the impaling, that is just unfortunate choice of words!