Monday, December 22, 2008

The Noted Tables Of Evan Frances

Make your table a holiday table! It's easy with some odds and ends from around the house. Put the kids at the kids' table, complete with a fairground kioskesque centerpiece with ribbons attached to all the chairs. This might be some sort of elaborate way to ensure that the kids stay put; one kid need only push his chair back to destroy the entire display.

More varied holiday tables from Evan Frances. You can try to reenact the 'Snow' musical number from White Christmas with miniature pine trees and whatever else you have lying around (bottom right). When New Year's Eve rolls around, you can try out the glitzy table on the top. I love the wreath of silver and turquoise tinselly stuff that the punch bowl is set in! And, every mother knows, if it's baby's first Christmas, there's no sense getting the whole family together for anything special (center). Better just have a small dinner this year, and cram the whole family in the smallest nook you can find. Your holiday will be the better for it!


Lidian said...

I wish Evan Frances would come over and make my table look notable. It all looks quite complicated!

Maria said...

It does look complicated, but if there's one thing Evan Frances can teach us, it's that the little details count most! Crepe paper, pipe cleaners, tinsel, and cotton balls are all you need to create a fabulous table.. uh, apparently!