Thursday, March 23, 2006


Welcome to Curly Wurly! Luckily if you're just tuning in now, you've missed a bit of a blog identity crisis and subsequent mental breakdown. I wonder how many other hapless bloggers out there knew they wanted to blog but didn't have a clear vision of what exactly they should blog about. Choosing a subject seems practically like a serious life-long commitment! Okay, so...

What did you narrowly avoid seeing here at increasingly irregular intervals?
This was going to be a blog entirely devoted to britpop! I realized in the nick of time that my love of Blur and Pulp are probably exhaustible topics for a blog.

So, what can you expect here?
Think something in the style of three of my favorite blogs: I Like, Swiss Miss, and World of Kane. I suppose the major difference is this will reflect my interests and personality. I'll be highlighting a little music, a little design, film, pop culture, art, a bit of a mixed bag. Basically, whatever is appealing to me at the moment. Which, hopefully, appeals to someone else out there! So, officially.. check back very shortly!



photodenow said...

il est rare qu'un américain aime la musique française. Merci d'aimer Gainsbourg.


denis B.C